Our TITANIC Moment On The Disney Wish! Disney Wish Inaugural Voyage! Disney Wish Cruise Vlog 3!

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  1. I’m really enjoying watching your videos. They are informative and engaging. Question for you. You did a back to back cruise and said you were going to be platinum and Dakota was going to be gold on the next sailing. Did you get new lanyards on the second half of your B2B and new castaway club gifts? We’re doing a B2B this month and going from silver to gold in between as well. Thanks.

  2. I can answer why the sound guys are right there. Since they control what you hear, the best spot is where you are sitting. This helps keep all the different sounds at the right volume and sound the best.

  3. Very interested in how back to back cruising works. I've heard somewhere that a 3 night/4 night can be cheaper than a 7 night. Although I always enjoy your park content, I am loving your cruise content. Thank You!

  4. loving this ship! btw i used to work at House Of Blues and its actually not surprising to see the sound engineer stationed where he was during Little Mermaid (fyi :)) thank you for posting this!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing authentically and honestly what your experience on the Wish was. In the first 18 minutes of this video, I feel like I saw more stuff and learned more than other vlogger's entire trip. You guys are wonderful and I hope you had an amazing vacation together!!!

  6. In answer to your question about the tech booth for the theater, it's because having the booth there puts the sound engineer in the sound cone. That allows for more accurate audience experience sound mixing. When a booth is behind audience seating at the far back of the house (often due to trying to maximize ticket sales from available audience locations), it's not possible to mix in that sweet spot. Some smaller roadhouse theaters have implemented tablet technology to allow the engineer to stand in the cone and mix a remote board, but theaters who can afford it (like anything Disney owns) don't have to worry about the cost of "butts in seats". Nothing beats having the sound board to hand in the prime speaker throw.

  7. Another great video Adrian! Thank you! I have a question. I have never been on a cruise. Do you have to share a table with strangers? Also, what determines where you sit? You were so pleased with your table and I believe that made it so much nicer too! And is it the same for all fine dining? Thank you again! Stay safe!💕

  8. When "Every time I pulled out my wallet, I got compliments" is a metaphor. I think a throne chair belongs in that atrium porthole space for Sleepwalking Goofy to sit on! Speaking for runners, we run every day especially when cruising. Exactly how hi was the ship designer and had he ever taken a Disney cruise before? The "jogging track" on the Sports Deck is an obstacle course. I've been hearing about the lifts from all the independent vloggers too. It's a massive inconvenience especially when you're paying premium prices for a Disney cruise. There should have been three sets of lifts instead of two for a ship that size. The QM2 has four sets of lifts. Why? Because of convenience. That's what guests are paying for. There's a lot of cost-cutting onboard the Wish. Much of it in the elimination of non-revenue public spaces.

  9. Second comment and let me say this is all just personal opinion. I am not an architect and I don’t design anything, buildings houses or ships, LOL. If that ship was built to be more of a ship for three or four night cruises to me that really limits the ships capabilities. To me the ship, especially considering the size of the ship, should be built so it can accommodate no matter what the length of the cruise happens to be. A ship this size to me would make sense in the future to move it to a seven night cruise ship. If there wasn’t a walking/running track put in because the designer was thinking of a three night or four night cruise I think that’s silly. Not only are there still people on those cruises that would like a walking/running track but there should be one in case they ever decide to do longer cruises consistently on board that ship. Also, there are just so many features on that ship that seem like wasted space and not great as far as helping with the flow of people. There’s too many hallways that seem to be narrow and unnecessary. It seems like the way things are laid out it gets very confusing where to go. I hope that the other ships that they build they will keep in mind these issues and change things. It’s still a gorgeous ship but it being built in this day and age it seems like a lot of things would’ve made sense not to do.

  10. I have a feeling with the show all of those things like the confetti or somebody being out there with a flashlight or that metal sheet or the fact they were having to use a rock in place of a boat is probably all due to the fact that everything the show needs has not made it in yet. With Disney not even being able to do the show for media cruise it has to be because so many things have not made it in. They didn’t want their media people who were invited to let others know about those issues. In six months to a year I have a feeling that show will be all put together and everything will be there. I do think that Disney probably should’ve waited another three or four months before doing the first cruise. I think the reason they didn’t was because they had already pushed it back so much and it became too much trouble and they were losing money and just decided to go with it.

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