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Our Winter Organic Food Garden – Florida Gardening – healthy recipe channel

This update was long overdue of our winter organic vegetable garden. We also are growing a lot of fruit trees to provide cover from the sun and experimenting …

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  1. Love this. Can you eventually show how you get started. Making a garden box, what soil/compost you use, what you use to keep bugs away (if anything), do you use regular water from the hose? I’m in the Cape too & know our soil & water isn’t the best but would LOVE to start my own garden. Any tutorials, tips, supply recommendations you have, or where you shop, I’d love to hear. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much… can you give me some insight on your energy balance? I feel exhausted all the time but so exhausted to cook and make an effort to eat better

  3. Awesome guy! Very knowledgeable about gardening! Personal friend of my fiancé and I and we enjoy picking his brain about gardening, health, healthy recipes, etc.!

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