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Overnight Oats – 4 Easy & Healthy Recipes (Vegan)

Learn how to make easy and healthy overnight oats. This healthy breakfast is not only easy to make, but also can be made ahead of time. This vegan overnight …

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  1. As a plant based nutritionist, I recommend a variety of fermented grains, seeds, tubers, nuts, legumes (fermented peanut butter anyone)?

    I would ferment these items by themselves and drop the additives..

    Pay attention to the sodium content of your substrate .. for instance- oats contain 100mg~ of sodium ..

    Look for and indentify kalm yeast..
    This will sigal that sybiotic and syntrophic exchanging is occuring..

    There are many different routes that flavor profiles are affected, with lipids and sucrose the like but these may significantly affect nutrition, and.
    It is important to highlight the functionality of simple ferments, and ingredients that will create the widest generic microbial profile that provides broad metabolical coverage, both mechanistically and genetically.

    Simple is better. It's stress relieving not only by reducing hormone load on the body, immune system and brain immune cells, and nervous system communications, but by physically less involved.

    Often seeds, like flax, cultivate nitrogen fixing fungi and work synergistically with ubiquitous microbes..

    The more veganic the process, the healthier and better the metatranscritptomics .. but enhancement from fermentation still has basic enhancement properties..
    Tho I question the morality of having such a nutritional gap..
    Current modern era standards do not mirror our need for metabolomically fit foods. Scientific enhancements are less needed than implementation of nominal practices.

    Water works as the solvent to "boil" everything apart, some grains take much longer-
    Some experiementing or googling will inform you if precooking is preferred for time efficient (most beans and rice fit this category).

    Over cooking food as opposed to slow cooking and a low heat is a concern, and should be though of as lower efficiency food, as they would foster a limited microbial gut community.

  2. Yummy always creative god give you health and wellness
    Thanks for the best chef in the world
    Thanks for all recipes 😍🌺❤️🌹👍

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