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Paleo Breakfast Recipes | easy, healthy breakfast ideas

Paleo breakfast recipes that are easy healthy breakfast ideas. They are all delicious! MORE HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS: …

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  1. Amazing oatmeal😍 and do you have a link to this spiralize? Because I want to make sure that I won't buy another too thin🤣 and also do you know how many mm are your noodles?

  2. Can you pkease make a video on how to make smooth and crunchy peanut butter,almond butter,healthy nutella please
    I make my own peanut butter but when I add little honey to make it a little sweet it becomes like a rocky texture that is difficult to spread and I end up adding too much oil that either does not help….please help me

  3. Oh I love the first recipe, I always eat eggs for breakfast but I’ve never tried it like this before! Such a great idea! Looks so delicious

  4. Hey you got a portable heat top! I bet it's much easier to film now😂 also I feel like you should mention that some of these are keto, but i guess it depends if u support it or not 🤷

  5. Hi Liv!! Loved this video!! I'd like to see some lunch recipes because I am starting to be out of the house more and want to prep lunches for the week!! Thanks!! 🙂

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