PALEO DESSERT RECIPES: easy healthy desserts

Paleo dessert recipes that are easy healthy desserts! FREE Healthy dessert EBOOK: HEALTHY DESSERTS PLAYLIST: …

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  1. Please can you do a video on some low calorie sweet treats for those on a calorie reduced diet in a effort to loose weight but still wanting a dessert

  2. Do you know if they sell giant tubs of coconut butter at Costco? Or just the regular size? I bake a lot of your recipies!

  3. This lava cake looks so delicious! Seriously Iam making this and the cookie tomorrow lol❤ Thank you Liv! You are always helping my family to stay healthy and happy!! Sending Anguiano love ❤❤❤

  4. Hey Liv.. Love your recipes, but I would love to challenge you to make these style recipes but without any nut products and also without seed butter. I can't have nuts and seed butter of any sort also makes me feel ill.. Would love to see what you can make 😉☺️💜💕😄 thanks xx

  5. Girl, you are the best!! Just in time for V-day!💞 Do you think I could use a paleo flour blend instead of straight almond flour for the skillet cookie? It's a mixture of almond, tapioca, and arrowroot.

  6. Love your channel! Where do you find super creamy almond butter and what brand is it? All the ones at my local grocery store have the little brown grainy chunks in them and it’s just not very tasty. The one I have now is the Justin’s original. Most of your dessert recipes use almond butter that is the consistency of creamy peanut or cashew butter. Love your recipes so much. I struggle with MANY MANY health issues, and these recipes I spire me to not give up on cooking!

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