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Pantry Recipes: Chickpeas | Basics with Babish

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  1. Another good example of a chickpea based dessert is Mysurpa. It's a South Indian version of fudge. All you need is Chickpea Flour, Ghee, Water, and sugar. If made properly, it melts in your mouth and it's addictive as hell.

  2. Yes, you could pretend that making hummus is that easy but Middle Easterners know that it takes waaaay longer than that to make real, delicious hummus that makes you want to eat a whole tubful of.

  3. You've missed a great opportunity, talking about chikpeas without talking about a staple Tunisian dish called "LABLABI" !!!
    Man this insanely SPICY, GOOD, DELICIOUS and quite unique…. You can check it on the net and give it try on your channel.

  4. Here's an idea for you.. So quick and easy.. Especially with canned chickpeas.. Chick pea salad. Just drain the can of chick peas, add diced onions tomatoes cilantro green chilies and if you wanna make the effort, diced boiled potatoes… Toss with lemon juice and season with salt cayenne, ground cumin and an Asian spice blend called "chaat masala". To make a warm version, heat a little oil and add whole cumin and cook till fragrant, add a quarter tsp garlic paste and the chick peas and your boiled diced potatoes… Add salt, cayenne, and chaat masala, and give it a good stir… Add your onions, tomatoes chilies and cilantro. Let all the ingredients warm thru and then remove from heat and add a splash of lemon. Ready to serve. So hearty.

  5. I made a ton of hummus for my husband's work lunches, and I kept the aquafaba to play with. The meringue was amazing and I couldn't stop eating those cakey cookies. I'm gonna try converting that recipe into an oatmeal raisin (plain oatmeal for me) recipe!

  6. As a small tip for those making the cookies, I tried to make them, and at first the dough came out alright, but I had to leave it on my counter to walk my dogs (Didn't leave the stove on!), but the dough got a very oily consistency. I thought that was bad so I added a bunch of flour thinking that would fix the problem. Long story short, it did not. If you have to leave like I did, leave the dough in the fridge to prevent this weird consistency from happening. I turned my cookies into weird biscuits but they were still good. Even if you get that weird oily effect, they're still fine. Use spoons to dole out the dough on your baking sheets because they were very sticky! Have fun baking! (I'm trying the donuts next!)

  7. I am currently making vegan choclate moose with the aquafaba from these and it isn't whipping like it should so I think i messed it up. Sucks bc i am making this for a school assignment

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