Party Snack Ideas – 6 BEST Finger Food Recipes for Party – Starters/Appetizers

Watch popular and delicious party special recipes, which will add more taste to your New Year’s Eve. Before this wonderful year comes to an end, make it …

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  1. Might be nice if I knew what half the ingredients were. I’m in the USA and half I’ve never heard of. What you call limes we call lemons and what you call lemons we call limes. I know what peppers are as that’s a no brainer but no clue what half of your spices are so I guess I won’t be trying any of them no matter how good they may look!

  2. I'm going to save this video. All very tempting!!
    For the paneer coated in crushed papad tho', I doubt the paneer would have time to heat thru. I imagine crushed cornflakes might be an idea.

  3. I did the chillie potatoes…fantastic. I will be doing the other recipes too. I didn't realise you could mix garum masala with chaat masala, I'm hungry now, thanks for th video

  4. If I am to freeze the potatoes for the potato lollipop recipe a day before the party will it have to be thawed or can I deep fry immediately after removing it from the fridge

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