PASTA SALAD 3 WAYS (Literally The Best Pasta Salads I've Ever Had)

It’s time to get excited about pasta salad again. I’m showing you my take on 3 classics fit for a king or a casual backyard bbq.

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  1. I use whole wheat pasta as opposed to the regular to keep my Gout under control. I try and make pasta salads all the time, and have trouble figuring out how long to cook it for, as it doesn’t hold together as good as the normal pasta. And thoughts on how to adjust? Thanks.

  2. I liked pasta salads before, but now I really am disgusted by it. You are so bad at cooking. You say it shouldn’t be mush but cooking pasta for 12 minutes MAKES IT MUSH! Also your pesto is really gross and you can’t use walnuts in pesto pistachios are a better substitute. WHY DID YOU CALL FUSSILI NOODLES?

  3. I made the creamy pasta salad today and it passed the taste test, my husband! I admit that I have been making pasta salad since the 80's when I was 12. I was lucky enough for my aunt to teach me her version before she past at 42. I am going to try some cucumber in a portion tomorrow to see what it does, I love the flavor of fresh picked cucumbers in my salads. Overall it was very very good, can't wait to try it after it has the night to meld its flavors… looking forward to trying the other 2 recipies! New to your channel, Thank you.

  4. I just got my very fresh own tomatoes with a earthly smell , i am going to give them to my college to enjoy the difference between what store an nature can give you to feel the taste and the way you can combine as never before.

  5. Wish everyone well—-
    To AVOID heart attack seizures n stroke- PLEASE AVOID the following for 3 hours AFTER eating foods— swimming- bathing- body massage- laying down- scrubbing body— exercise- jumping- handstands- cartwheels- showering- over 18 stuff- Masturabation ( pardon my french). AND avoid drinking anything straight after eating foods- the buffet system not good for health ( encourages 're- filling drinks- sodas).
    Please avoid drinking cold drinks directing out from the fridge-
    * avoid standing up- sitting on a stool/ walking/ running WHILE eating foods/ drinking- very bad for the heart.
    Sitting on the ground/ carpet/ rug is MUCH BETTER when eating and drinking. The fluid linked to flexibility in our body works well and person is less likely to have digestive issues-
    * I am SUPRISED in how many parties n weddings I have attended- the have fizzy drinks- some people stand while eating- even in films- we have been programmed this way- not for our benefit of course. Food industry tactic. Even eating with our hands is VERY beneficial- because we have good bacteria in our fingers- many countries they practice this way of eating already- many people know about this already- others dont- I'd thought I mention this .
    Many people have fell in the TRAP of overloading their body and minds with TOO MUCH- FOOD- drinks- medicine- substance abuse- alcohol ( another PROBLEM)

  6. You will test with different spoon than you use. To stair you food is never done. Specially if you are preparing for guesss. Remember viruses in the mouth ,,,!!!!

  7. When I make a pesto pasta salad I also often add the pinenuts whole into the salad for an added texture and sometimes some smoked chicken which (in my humble opinion) just adds another level of taste! Makes it great for a BBQ setting.

  8. I made the Italian Pasta Salad on the weekend. WOW!!!!!!!! What a TREAT! And, you weren't kidding about making sure you add enough of the dressing, especially once you start adding the cheese. It was excellent and a blast to make.😘

  9. The last one, except trade the sun dried tomatoes for fresh cherry tomatoes, sub the salami for deli grade pepperoni, also add a diced cucumber, and that's my Italian New Yorker mother's pasta salad.

  10. Who decided that cold pasta is "salad"? I mean I love a good pasta salad but cold pasta swimming in sauce with a few peas, is not salad

  11. As someone from New Hampshire your pronunciation of the word "worcestershire" is hilarious! We pronounce it like "woostashah sauce" and the city Worcester is pronounced "Woostah!"

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