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I always think if someone is really talented its a shame to not tell the world! So let me introduce you to Raluca. Link Below. She is amazing and her hair stroke …

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  1. Wish I woulda watched only this video 4 the fluffier brow.. sometimes the answer is the simplest and most obvious one, you almost just need to be bluntly told/reminded. Like duh draw on natural hair strokes if you want it to look like natural brow hairs!! such a good tutorial thank you!!!

  2. I see many people using vaseline. I really wanna use it too but I heard that it can cause sicknesses and be harmful. That‘s true?

  3. Just beautiful. I’m ugh 35 and still trying to learn makeup. When I was a teenager thin brows was the thing. So needless to say I still don’t have brows and trying to do them is super hard for me. As with makeup. I love the natural look tho. Just beautiful

  4. "Ug. Erm its chocolate.🙄" haha ive never loved you or related to you more then i did in that moment
    Ive been trying to master this skill for so long. And now that feather brows are so in ive been trying again. I struggle with my brows because there kindaaa busy. Anywho watching someone do it like this is very helpful. Thanks!

  5. For anyone trying this look now and you dont have the perfect brush, drop some lash glue on your thinnest angle brow brush and squeeze it together removing any excess product. Let it dry and you’re good to go!! It really helps to get those super fine strokes!! Ill be doing a video on my channel about this soon!!

  6. Um ok welp im off to buy the Anastasia dip brow and brush. Just followed your link and this technique looks a 1000x better than the video thats on the anastasia website. they should reachout to this woman and feature her on their website.

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