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Perfect Pork Chops | Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver shows you how to make a perfect pork chop. It’s juicy, tender and marinated in delicious herbs. It’s so easy, give it a go and you won’t be …

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  1. This looks delicious but only when it is a cheat meal. Excess of pork can cause fatal diseases and this world to be stricken with pandemic due to the mistreatment of animals in factory farms.

  2. Jamie, your kitchen side manner and creative ease is fantastic. Thank you, been watching for long time, for some reason I haven't reached out. Much gratitude.

  3. Em tempos de Covid-19 é Melhor Apreciar o Grande Cozinheiro Jamie's Oliver's e suas Deliciosas Receitas em seu Canal de Culinária com grandes receitas e jogadas, Só Pela Internet !
    é Quaresma no Brasil Jamie !
    Estou Pagando Penitencia Jejuando !

  4. Sounds great Jamie. Any chance that you can inform our lousy supermarkets that if we want the rind removed we will do it ourselves? They can only profit from the practice.

  5. I used to remove the rind and make crackling separately, but now I leave it on and bake in the oven for 25 minutes. The rind still comes out crunchy but the pork is kept nice and moist. I wouldn’t fry in a pan.

  6. Such a disappointment. A celibrity that earned milions and just does't talk about how other restaurants and bars are taken down by the measurements for Çovid19. I wonder, has he already a agreement on opening restaurants all over the world with the Cabal? I wouldn't eat there, do you?

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