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Physical and Chemical Changes

Physical and Chemical Changes. Can you identify these changes as I make lemonade in this video! What is the Difference between Physical and Chemical …

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  1. tomorrow is my science exam it’s my last exam thanks for the help sir. This was a fantastic video with real life examples. i understood all the things properly. now my concept is also clear

  2. As a school class we watched your video. We found it very helpful. Thank you. Could you please explain how the salt/water/lemon is a physical change and not chemical? It has caused some debate.

  3. Q1 a
    Physical change
    Chemical change
    Chemical Change
    Physical change

    Physical change

    Physical change. Produces no new substances
    Mass is the same

    Chemical change. Produces new substances
    Mass changes

  4. 11:37

    1 :- a)boiling of water : chemical change
    b) rusting of iron : chemical change
    c) physical change
    d) chemical change
    2 :- Chemical change because we could not get the raw substance back.
    3 :- Physical changes
    (i) In physical change no new substance is formed.
    (ii) This change is reversible.
    (iii) mass of the substance is not changed.
    Chemical change
    (i) A new substance is formed
    (ii) This change is irriversible
    (iii) Mass of the object is changed.

  5. 1. a) Physical change.
    b) chemical change.
    c) chemical change.
    d) physical change.
    2. Cooking of is both chemical and physical change.
    3. 1) Physical changes are reversible changes. Chemical changes are irreversible changes.
    2) In physical changes no new substances are formed. In chemical changes new substances are formed.

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