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pi day recipe testing / vegan breakfast hand pies w/ just egg / life joyfully dunn collab

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  1. I think those turned out great! Pillsbury pie crust works in a pinch, idk if it's vegan though. I want to try that bacon, I've had vegan bacon before and it wasn't bad. I'll definitely need to try Chao as well! This was a fun collab!

  2. "It's like an almost not fail?!" LOL! You had me at breakfast!!! I will do breakfast all day, everyday! Great video, new friend, and your hair is FANTASTIC!!!

  3. NOT a fail. Honestly, those look really good. Anything with flakey pastry is a yes. As for the fillings, JUST Egg and Benevolent Bacon are both SO good. My partner loves the folded egg. We haven't cooked with the pourable one yet, but I've watched a bunch of cooking demos so I'll be set when I give it a try! Side note: I too believed that BB doesn't crisp up but if you leave it longer than the standard cooking time it does crisp nicely. I discovered this by happy accident. Thanks for another fun vlog!

  4. 1) thank you for semi-kinda sorta explaining what Pi is🤪🤣🤣🤣 I just knew 3.14 blah blah blah… and 2) it was interesting to see a vegan take on this collab. Great video and they came out looking great!!!

  5. Love that you do vegan recipes on your channel! We have a lot of allergies in our house dairy included, so we do a lot of vegan modifications to recipes! Unfortunate I have a severe cashew & banana allergy, so that can make some vegan recipes really hard to do! These look like they turned out really yummy! We are gluten free so puff pastry is so hard, I made it from scratch once and it took me all day!! You have to roll it out over and over and over to fully mix all the butter into the dough and refrigerate in between and it’s very time intensive! I think your little pies turned out great and live the idea of doing a breakfast pie! Great pie day recipe! Also, love that you took the time to try and actually explain what Pi is!! ❤️

  6. Omg I didn’t realize it was pi day 😳 I haven’t had kevita before but have been wanting to im super picky about kombucha . I had to take a lot of math courses as well ! you would def use pi for trig I never took calc so maybe they used it for that too 🤷‍♀️

  7. They looked awesome! I am obsessed with plant based breakfasts at the moment, and these looked ace! Love the use of the puff pastry; I always forget about puff pastry because it's so much faff but love eating it lol Fab job (even if you don't think so, but we're always our own harshest critics!) 💜

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