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PICADILLO TACOS AND SALSA | Mexican Ground Beef and Potatoes | Roasted Salsa Recipe

Today I am making Mexican Style ground beef called picadillo, with homemade salsa and tortillas, to make tacos. I am making a larger quantity today for lunches …

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  1. I love beans in my tacos, I always tell my mom I can eat frijoles with tortillas, avocado, salsa, and queso fresco for the rest of my life and die happy. These look amazing!!

  2. First off,…God bless your beautiful heart!!💚💜💙
    I have to admit I’ve made this before (and your version looks better😄) but I was really intrigued with your salsa, so I kept watching. When I heard why you were doing it, I was choking up. Now I know your not doing it for recognition, but I have to say “Thank you” so many health care workers are doing so much for us, and you are setting a beautiful example of what we all should be doing to give back💜. So on behalf of San Diego, CA. please send your Tia and her team a great big Thank you, and may God bless them for all that they are doing for all of us. To all the healthcare people working and sacrificing themselves we thank you, and to your familias, we thank you and pray for all of you to💓💓💓. Dios te bendiga 💖🥰

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