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  1. Aside from the crazy, wacky, radical, comments, do you need kosher salt, i mean im not a Jewish person so can i just swap that with normal salt, what's the difference when cooking

  2. Might I suggest a better phrase for letting the pasta salad sit; my sister and I, when we make potato salad or chicken salad, refer to it as "sitting in its own filth."

  3. I wish I could add a picture. I didn't make the lemonade since we brought wine instead. I made this selection for my partner's birthday and she absolutely loved it!! Completely delicious and excellent recipes.

  4. This episode was great in and of itself, but watching you and Jess go to town on those monstrous sandwiches was the icing on the cake

  5. The yolks come out super easy by just pinching the hard-cooked eggs after cutting them in half. They just pop right out. I also like to add crab meat to pasta salad.

  6. Muffulettas are absolutely amazing, if anyone ever finds themselves in the Baton Rouge area, Anthony’s Italian deli has THE BEST I’ve ever tasted, a small family owned business. It’s amazing

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