Pizza Dough Recipe

Making pizza dough at home is really easy and there’s none of the exact proofing time and perfect kneading technique required …

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  1. Doesn't matter what flour I use it ends up too sticky and I cant knead it. I don't have a mixer. I leave it as is and let it rise then just roll it in no kneading because its too sticky.

  2. I used this recipe the other night to make pizza for my family. I used whole wheat flour and a bit of white flour. I doubled the recipe and made 3 pizzas, I could have made more if I did thinner crust. I also stuffed the crust with cheese. It was a hit with my son. Also the first time I've ever made pizza dough from scratch. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  3. Hi! Mr Kanell,
    I made this pizza dough recipe today and it's really very easy and delicious
    But for the sauce I did something different cause don't have fresh tomatoes or tomato puree soo I used the tomato sup (CAMPBELL's) brand and add some herbs, chili's powder, paprika….. IT'S TURN OUT SOO GOOD LIKE brought from PIZZA restaurant…. … A LOT OF THANK'S TO YOU ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. I used this dough last night and made a 3 meat pizza I too did add a little more flour as it felt too sticky. The adjustment for my kitchen worked and I made a large 3 meat pizza and didn't have a slice left! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe! God bless!

  5. dont try this pizza lol i was in the bathroom for an hr lmao make poolish and wait for the fermentation so u can have a better pizza then this crap lol also honey is better than sugar

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