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Pizza Dough Recipe

Making pizza dough at home is really easy and there’s none of the exact proofing time and perfect kneading technique required by some finicky bread recipes.

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  1. Family approved my first time making pizza dough thanks@preppykitchen , i did add oregano, garlic powder and onion powder WOW Amazing , i double the recipe and got an 16inch pie pan since we are a big fam. If i streched it more I'll probably get an 18" pie 😋😁follow all steps and from now on its our go to dough for 🍕 night on wknds , I Recommend 100%

  2. You pretentious little twit! First… shave. Second the constant cliche' and cutesy comments do nothing for your credibility. Temps… Celsius versus Fahrenheit. Adding flour slowly, then showing a sped-up video doesn't help your 'customer' understand what "slow" means. How about using a video that actually shows the various speeds you use. And, no… you don't have to add sugar to the test water… it's a 'myth' that the yeast needs sugar to get started. What you're doing, and improperly characterizing is 'testing' the yeast to see if it's truly alive. You seem to be 'mixing' the process of a poolish with testing the yeast. The proper way is to add a few tablespoons full of FLOUR….not sugar… to the yeast bath and wait 15-20 minutes to activate the yeast. And… directing your customers to place the dough in their "proofing drawer"… again, you pretentious nerd… how about, "in a warm, draft free place" like, 'turn on your oven LIGHT' and place the dough there with the temp OFF. That acts like a proofing drawer. When you have half as many dislikes as likes… you should take notice. Watch a few other videos to see how good chefs keep their customers informed and growing. Preppies grew up after the 1980's…. you should too.

  3. Thanks for the recipe and directions! I made a pizza Saturday and one for Sunday dinner. They were a big hit after two unsuccessful (wasted ingredients and dough that did not rise) attempts on Saturday night. Thanks, Preppy!

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