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Pizza Rustica – Easter Meat & Cheese Pie – Food Wishes

This traditional Italian Easter recipe may not be anything like the pizza you’re used to, or even remotely close, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying one of the …

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  1. If you're familiar with the half-dozen or so forms of pizza that were birthed in Chicago, one of them is the "stuffed pizza" which supposedly originated at Giordano's. According to their story about how they developed the idea, it was based specifically on this particular dish, which the founders' mother used to make every Easter.

  2. Calling it a quiche is very much incorrect as it contains no creme fraiche, nor any egg. You could make an argument that the crust is close enough to pate brisee though.

  3. Sorry bro, nice try but you totally messed this up. No sausage ever goes in this and the biggest most unforgivable error is that you didn't put in the hard boiled eggs. Please fix these things & re-post the video. thank you.

  4. Great job "forkulating". Looks yummy, thanks for sharing! Oh, & of course you HAD to have not, 6, not 8, but 7 eggs. I mean, w/ the "7th day" & all. 😉 PS: While similar, when I was a kid… around Easter, people would bring this 'bread'(?) to church. They'd pass out & share it afterwards. Idk what it was called & can remember it, but haven't been able to find out exactly what it was since. Wondering if you know… Was this type of dough w/ an egg-wash… but more like roll-up OR calzone-ish? As if they shaped it into a long loaf-style, then baked it. Inside, was (what I assume?) a mixture of ricotta, maybe mozzarella? parm or peccorino… & Italian sausage. Thing is, it was served more room temp… or even cold. Idk if it was supposed to be, tho…. OR if that's just what it was by the time it was eaten. It was SO good, tho. Guess I could experiment, but idk… would be better IF I knew what it was & what was actually in it… from a recipe. I was, after all… maybe 7 or 8 yrs old then, so.. ? lol I do remember it being an Easter thing & assumed it was an Italian recipe. Could have been Polish or British, tho.. considering who I think was the one I remember bringing it. ?? The portions resembled like a strip of coffee-cake, when served… top/bottom crust, but sliced long/thin overall, with just a little filling (nothing like the one above, lol) ? Idk, but have wondered about that for a good… 20 yrs now. lol ~ Thanks for all you do & have done here over the years. I've watched for a long time & enjoy all your recipes & esp your personality/commentary! 🙂 Hope you are staying safe & be well.

  5. After such a rough month hearing that beginning song and his voice is like as calming as the Disney theme song with the castle like its straight magic and it never gets old

  6. My wife made this one time, but released it from the pan too early. Ever since then, we've called this exploding pie. I've got one in the oven right now, and I'm thinking of repeating the premature release, just for nostalgia and entertainment.

  7. i would like you to make this in small say 3" spring-form pans. Timing for cooking. thanks This way I could share with neighbors, curbside service style.

  8. I just made this, it looks just like it 🙂 I'm rather proud, I've never made dough before so thank you Chef John for the great instruction on your videos!

  9. As a medical professional This video made me smile today … something that is really needed … always wanted to try this .. next day off I’m gonna go for it … Keep up the great work and stay safe 😁😷

  10. Wasn't there an old horror movie, "Blood on the Crust?" Or am I thinking of the "Blood on the Highway" movie of fear porn that they showed us in high school driver's ed class?

  11. Based on many years of pie making (mostly apple) I would advise pre-baking that bottom crust for a few minutes so it won't be too soft when the pie is done. I've never made a meat/cheese pie, but looking forward to making this! Thanks again Chef John.

  12. Just had my first piece of something like this the host called "Easter Ham Pie" (claimed it to be a long time family recipe); had smoked ham cubes, cheeses, & hard boiled eggs, quite awesome couldn't get the deets but, now I know… Thanks Chef John 🏆

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