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Plant-based Egg Fried Rice Recipe | Vegan Recipes for Beginners & How to Cook Scrambled Tofu

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  1. Im so happy you went plant based because i love your videos so much but i went vegetarian so seeing this got me so excited! Im looking forward to watching your videos again. Thank you because it is so hard to follow western style vegan when i want to asian flavors. Thank you sooooo much!

  2. Seonkyoung, you are an inspirational Korean cook who gives us all great, easy to follow delicious recipes and inspires us to WANT to try them. You were one of if not the first Korean videos I ever watched and have followed you for quite a while now. I LOVE listening to you explain each ingredient and how human you are when mistakes are made. Jacob and Daniel are also so much fun to watch as you all interact. It's really like being in your home and being among friends. YOU ARE ALL SO GENUINE AND KIND. I'd love to be neighbors and want to thank you for all you do. 🥰😁🐾🤗😊❤🤤

  3. I love that you're keeping both. Seeing the plant based recipes are fantastic, but I have also loved using your old videos as a base to make plant based changes and experiment with flavours. Can't wait to try your new stuff 😊

  4. …if I can I would like to recommend one book from Dr. Greger – How not to die, especially if you prefer reading with studies, research, science etc. + he also created app "daily dozen", I'm vegan over 6 years, my husband and our kids (daughter 6y and son 4y) start to be vegetarian this year so I'm so excited about your journey :c) I'm always so happy when I see people around change their lifestyle because of animals, environmental, sustainability… You know small steps = huge impact. Have a wonderful day and greetings from South Florida :c)

  5. My favourite recipe of yours is Pad Thai. Don't you DARE delete that video!!-)))
    If you DO decide to delete it, pl let us know 2 months in advance so I can note down the recipe in my cookbook!

  6. Seon! Your old videos is what brought me to your channel! Please don’t delete. I’m still a meat eater however I can appreciate plant based food and will definitely cook these once in a while 🙂 giving you so much positive energy

  7. Any one looking for black salt should check out their local indian grocery store…u get a good size pack for around $2. Also the carbon steel wok from Sur La Table is around $35 and excellent quality.

  8. This recipe looks really interesting. I will definitely try it out with the tofu instead of egg. By the way, you also had a video some weeks ago (from the vlog I think) with tofu on top of the bibimbap. Unfortunately I cannot find it anymore. I did not use tofu much before, so I would really like some advice on how to season it.

  9. I read that comment & it was beautifully said!!! I love this new recipe and I’m going to try it. I’m trying to incorporate more plant based meals in my weekly menu!

  10. So this is just tofu fried rice. Why cover it by calling it "plant based" fried rice? Your just replacing the protein with tofu in fried rice. This is not a new invention.

  11. Please don't delete your videos. I love all of your old videos. I still refer to those videos when I cook my foods. Thank you for teaching me how to cook delicious foods!🙏🙏🙏

  12. I’m a dyed in the wool meat eater. My wife and I are trying to move towards more plant based. I’m not willing to go full vegan. I still want egg, butter, cream to cook with. Just protein through vegetables. Tofu can be awesome!

  13. Just made this. BOMB!! I knew it would be delish coming from Seonkyoung, she is a damn cook cook. Meat/Egg loving husband approved as well. So excited to explore more of your plant based recipes.

  14. I've been making veggie and vegan versions of your recipes for years, please leave them up on your page, they've taught me to cook 🥺

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