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Plant-Based Meal Prep | 6 Delicious Recipes from the Forks Over Knives Meal Planner

In this video I demonstrated the Chai Smoothie, Broccoli with Cheesy Sauce, Pressure Cooker Chick-Un Rice Soup, Easy Chew Granola Bars, Tom Yum Soup …

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  1. Thank you Chef AJ. I've seen these recipes in the planner. I've realized I'm a HUGE visual person. Seeing you make these recipes has really peeked my interest on them.
    I've really come to love the comment section, and read what previous subscribers think about a recipe, AND get tips about additional spices in the recipes.
    Thank you for your time, much appreciated!

  2. Because of you I started plant based starch solution diet- and my autoimmune issues feel better in one day! I have no more brain fog from Covid and less tired. My depression is lifting! Thank you so much.

  3. I think, if people don't have a blender, they can mash the ingredients up and then freeze it after that. Cutting the plant-milk in half makes it an ice cream. But freezing it at the end helps for people who hate blending frozen fruit.

  4. Do you use Teflon? Don't you feel that is dangerous to use? It gives off gases at high heat and/or pieces can get in the food. I love your videos and recipes and live shows but very curious about this.

  5. Love your videos and your energy. LOVE. But please switch off the sound / mute when you or one of your guests is blending. It makes me run to the computer again & again to put the volume down. Nothing wrong with running, of course 🙂 but this is each time a surprise torture to the ears.

  6. The granola bars look delicious. Unfortunately, I can't have cinnamon, so I wonder if cocoa would work as a substitute. I usually sub ginger and/or nutmeg, but think cocoa sounds better in this recipe. Also, I have seen the Asian Pears called Butterscotch Pears.

  7. My vegan sister adopted this lifestyle a few years ago and introduced me to Chef AJ. Left with health issues from rheumatic fever at age 12 and years of yo yo dieting, veganism has improved her health and her excess pounds have "fallen" off. She is very creative with her cooking and baking. Ive read that some vegans "look" old. Seeing your glowing skin, Chef AJ, I know this is not true. Your enthusiasm is spurring me on to be vegan. Thank you!

  8. Just signed up. I have been doing Dr. Furhman's aggressive 6 week plan and it really prepared me to appreciate SOS cooking. Thank you Chef AJ for all the great information and recipes you share. I also follow Kiki Plantiful. She has wonderful video content and I was so glad to see her on your podcast😊💖Susan L.

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