Pokemon Masters Story Event – Serena Dessert Party Hilda 3v9 Full Force Battle! Round 2 Ultra Hard

Story Event – Serena’s Dessert Party Start: Tuesday, 30 June 2020 End: Tuesday, 21 July 2020 Starmie Sync: 2/5 @ Lv. 118 Lucky Skill: Enlightenment 9 (I …

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  1. Starmie Sync: 2/5 @ Lv. 118

    Lucky Skill: Enlightenment 9 (I wanted Vigilance)

    Tepig (Not Emboar lol) Sync: 5/5 @ Lv. 119

    Lucky Skill: NONE!! (Will have her with Critical Strike 2)

    Swanna Sync: 2/5 @ Lv. 118

    Lucky Skill: Vigilance

    Time Stamp:

    (00:00) Battle

    (06:48) End of Battle

    (07:27) Hilda's Tepig Sync Grid Showcase

    (08:00) Rest of the team

    Strategy: Hilda is easy to charge up. 1 Flame Charge, with 1 Take Flight from Swanna, the next Try and Stop Us! will give you a +6 in 3 tins. Misty is here to heal and boost evasion. After absorbing one attack or 2 from the opponent, it reaches pinch and activates Desperate Measures 3 and First Aid to boost her Critical rate to +3 and get her out of danger zone.

    Hilda is ready to rock now. With little careful planning to deny opponent's attack, opponent only can pull off 1 sync move before they are defeated.

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