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Pokemon Quest Recipes Guide – All 17 Recipes in Game | Austin John Plays

This is going to be your official Pokemon Quest Recipe Guide for the Nintendo Switch. All (currently) 17 Recipes in game. Link to Colorware Nintendo Switch …

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  1. Where’s the dark types I need those to beat 6-3 BECAUSE THAT DAMN HYPNO PUTS ALL MY POKÉMON TO SLEEP, AND THEN SWEEPS MY TEAM!

  2. “Unless u get a rare chance to get a pinser, or a scyther, it will be much harder”

    Me who got both at the same time: wait they’re rare?-

  3. Every single time I make a rock stew or mud pie, it ALWAYS attracts an onyx. Believe me, I have four of them now.

    If it’s one Pokémon, it’s onyx, if it’s double Pokémon, it’s either onyx and another random one, or two onyx’s (cuz in my first rock stew I got double onyx’s lol)
    It’s not so bad though since a level 60 onyx decided to come to me

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