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Pork Char Siu Recipe (Chinese-Style Slow-Roasted Marinated Pork) | Cooking with Dog

We are making Char Siu, Chinese-style roasted pork. Braised pork is also tender and delicious, but this time we will slowly bake the thick piece of marinated …

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  1. シェフとフランシスのおかげで料理好きになりました!ほぼ10年間見ています!いっぱい教えてくれてありがとうございます!R.I.P Francis ❤

  2. Oh! My heart! I can't help but get emotional when I see where Francis used to sit in the older videos. Sending you all love 💓💓💓

  3. Just tried it! Such a great recipe, left it longer than 2 days. You guys might want to try adding a few drops of red food coloring to get that red color, otherwise still a yummy recipe

  4. Chef, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your work. I first started cooking because of this channel, and I always come back to try your recipes. I'm definitely excited to try this one too.

  5. Thank you for showing Francis at the beginning of this. And it’s so cute when he speaks from Chef’s apron. I am thoroughly convinced it is his voice that is narrating 🐩

  6. I was crossing my fingers at the of the video hoping you show a coming soon recipe, which means you will continue posting 😀

    I also liked your mini vlog at the greenhouse! I love to see more

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