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POT PIE SOUP! Easy Vegan Instant Pot Recipe!

Today i am making vegan chicken pot pie soup in the instant pot! Thanks for watching! don’t forget to subscribe:) instant pot I use- …

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  1. Omg…3:07!!!!! I died laughing, over and over. I love how you’re this beautiful dancer in LA, but you laugh at yourself and don’t take life too overly seriously. Btw have you ever commented on how/why you became a vegan? And how about Collin? Was he a vegan before he met you? I wonder if lots of your fans might also like that content. 😘

  2. I made this with oil free biscuits on the side and my husband and I really enjoyed it! Great recipe – thank you for sharing!

  3. i just finally got my insta pot, tried to make chili, had no clue how to make it acturally cook anything. the settings make no sense. I pushed the setting Chili, but then it made me put in 2 different times, had no idea what that was, and it would always cancle out what i would do. my chili was not cooked all the way sadly, can you help me with figuring out how to cook with this damn thing? do I just push the button of what im cooking, and thats it? it was so confusing. P.S. I love your recipes, thanks for sharing veganism

  4. I just made this for me and my mom today and we both loved it. Thanks for teaching me a new way to make a cream sauce too! I’m new to your channel and looking forward to more instant pot recipes. I added white northern beans for protein instead of the tofu or imitation chicken. What a great way to use frozen vegetables too.

  5. New to your page, first Pot tonight & just stumbled on your veg broth & making right now for dinner! This sounds awesome for our single digit temps!! Vegetarian & on a strict low sodium diet!! Can’t wait to see your videos!!

  6. HAHA!! As soon as you burped in your video, for everyone to hear….Totally won me as a new subscriber!! Well done!!😂😂😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌🙌

  7. It looked so good but I was going to keep scrolling assuming it was regular meat pot pie then my eye caught the word vegan and I had to do a double take 😂😂

  8. Video ideas:
    1. Super cheap, fast, and easy (lazy lol) meals for school and/or busy lifestyle!
    2. Same as above but for people who are practicing minimalism/debt pay down so they only have basic tools (like no blender, no instant pot, etc)
    3. More meal prepping recipes, especially freezer meals
    4. What to eat during the winter on a WFPB lifestyle

    I can't wait to try out this recipe, it looks so delicious! I don't have an instant pot buuuuuut these kind of recipes make me want one >:D

  9. Omg so thankful to see a creamy recipe without nuts! I’m vegan and allergic to nuts/cashews so I’m excited that you used sunflower seeds! I’ll have to try this!

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