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Potato Bread Pockets | Vegetables Bread Pockets | Easy Snacks Recipe | Tiffin Box idea | Toasted

Today let’s make Potato Bread Pockets These Potato Bread Pockets are super tasty Perfect for Iftar and superb for Lunch box. ▽ Link Video: …

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  1. My mom scolded me for like an hour…why I am making such an oily stuff and told me never ever to try it again… When people does not have anything to eat during this lockdown time … And u are cooking such a fancy food.
    Anyway , I really liked the recipe… it tastes delicious ….

  2. Worst never try please it will be very oily and you can't even eat that and I'll unsubscribe your channel now itself the worst YouTube channel i have ever seen and for the first time my cooking was so bad and this is bakwas and worst idea using bread and even the stuffing will not be so good to taste please stop giving false information for people

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