Potstickers | Basics with Babish

At once saucy, crunchy, juicy and chewy, potstickers are a cross-cultural appetizer that are worth the effort to make from scratch. Well, maybe not the wrappers.

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  1. napa cabbage is hard to find in other places?? they’re in every grocery store where i live… tho i guess there is a very large asian population here, so maybe that’s why?

  2. Me watching him dip the first delicious batch, which is already 100x better than what I usually eat: Man, that looks simply delicious.

    Babish: we can do better

    Me: YOU WHAT?!?!

  3. Thanks for the education. Very very helpful. Thank goodness there's a great Asian restaurant around every corner in my town…Sooo much easier to make a phone call and get some amazing potstickers and dumplings…Posthaste 😅 Absolutely no desire to do any of this…😘

  4. Any way to use an alternative for plastic wrap? I get that single-use is necessary with raw meat, but definitely think it’s doable to use the waxed cloth version for things like dough. 🙂💚

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