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Power Yoga Break | Yoga For Weight Loss | Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Weight Loss in under 20 minutes! This Power Yoga Break builds strength in the core, glutes, arms, and legs. Per your request, a stress-free power …

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  1. 153 days of daily yoga. This is the longest Ive stuck to any healthy regime. Thank you my beautiful teacher, friend, angel 💕 btw I hurt my right shoulders, back from that 1 arm tapping plank move from last weeks yoga for sensitive knees. Today, its healed and I actually felt really strong doing it ^_^ just 1 of the numerous improvements I got from YWA

  2. You’ve helped me stay sane during quarantine. I’ve recommended your channel to so many people (including my mom!). You’re a gem! Keep spreading your beautiful energy! Much love from Minnesota.

  3. I found this channel during quarantine and I'm so in love. Since two months I practise daily with your videos and it gives me so much more quality in life. I'm more strong and confident but also connected with myself. My stress level sank down so much. Lots of love and thank you for your being. <3

  4. First time I've managed the shoulder-tapping plank!! Thank you Adriene – two months of doing one of your videos every day has made me stronger in ways I wouldn't have thought possible! Not just physically.

  5. I just finished this practice. I had to jump on and comment. Adriene at one point says "I just spit on my yoga mat!" HAHA I had to laugh as I'm sweating and doing this power yoga. Thank you Adriene for making me laugh for being so funny and random but also for keeping me going with your FWFG yoga! Fellow native Texan here, ya'll! Thanks for the random laughs, Adriene!

  6. I’ve experienced crying while doing yoga before but this, this was new. During those yogi bicycles I was laughing like a madman 😂 Probably a panic response from my poor abdominal muscles, but hey, at least I had fun! Thanks for another lovely practice Adriene! Somehow exercising always feels easier when I do it with you (and the community!)

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