Punk Princess of Pastry Presents A 74 Step Dessert | MasterChef Australia | MasterChef World

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  1. lets be honest. those deserts may look amazing and are incredible hard to make. but there most definitely is an easier way to combine those elements.
    some of the deserts on MC are overcomplex. like 10 different flavors and textures.. a good solid desert doesn't need all that, its fine to have a 2-3 part desert!

  2. Trust me, if this is the challenge given to masterchef indonesia, the contentant will definitely committed suicide. And the judges would be charged for attempted murder. There's nothing refine about masterchef indonesia. Everything they cook i master it at home, and im just a commoner.

  3. Me: looks at the dessert
    Judges: This challenge is all about working under pressure. You have to replicate this amaaazing-
    Me: starts having a full-scale mental breakdown
    Judges: -dish…. WTF

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