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QUARANTINE COOKING: 5 Easy, Healthy and Tasty meals

Welcome to a new video! Quarantine Cooking: 5 Easy, Healthy and Tasty meals. I know that social distancing has most of us cooking at home with what we have …

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  1. Hello beautiful!! Thank you for all your fab videos!! I was just wondering can I still buy your 21 day detox raw vegan with five ingredients or less challenge?? I tried but it's not working for me, so sad. Thank you!!

  2. "Beat" Hummus. You didn't say what type of beat we should add. Hip hop, Salsa, Techno, Rock, Jazz, or Neo Soul. Personally I'd go with Neo-Soul while preparing the hummus.

  3. I’m currently experiencing one of the early symptoms of corona virus, which is losing your sense of smell and taste. So I’m in my room quarantining myself for a week just to be safe. Thanks for the upload, I can’t wait to taste again. That lentil curry looked so amazing.

  4. I watched this on my lunch break at work and I feel much more relaxed and refreshed (thanks for your positive uplifting vibe!). I work in a veterinary specialty hospital in San Diego and work has definitely been changing a lot lately but I am grateful to still be working right now. I’m employed at an amazing, loving, caring company (PESC❤️) and glad that we are still available to care for our animal friends 🐶🐱🐰🐹🐔🐢 It has definitely been stressful in some ways these days especially for me being in the first year of my career. This sweet short recipe video was a great pick-me-up! Thanks Yovanna!
    I love love love beet feta salad and wish I liked hummus more so I am definitely trying your beet hummus recipe 💜

  5. Love the beetroot hummus so pretty and pink! Stunning presentation on the food amazing fine dining cuisine with accessible and easy to follow instructions xx love the fruit smoothie looks so high in antioxidants to hydrate and amazing vitamin c

  6. Just subscribing, love your recipes looking forward to trying them.
    My way of staying uplifted and positive is first start my day with a prayer 🙏👏🏼🙏 being grateful for the day followed by checking in with my family (going through a difficult time now along with this COVID-19 virus thing) via social media and what I call our family roll call (my way of reaching out to family since I'm unable to be with or around them) to let them know that I'm staying in, being safe and praying for there safety and well as prayers for the world, healthcare providers, and first responders. So grateful for YouTube and channel like yours we're I can see how others are coping during this time. Thanks for being so uplifting and positive yourself, may God be with you and your family.
    A new subscriber

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