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QUARANTINE MEALS (VEGAN) – foods that build the immune system

Hi friends! I hope you all enjoy these recipe xx BREAKFAST Green Smoothie 1 green apple half lemon, juiced half lime, juiced few sprigs of cilantro handful …

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  1. I switched to Vegan I am in wk 3 I just been surviving off of tofu and some beans

    I have yet to try all this. I mean the hardest part to me is prepping I’m always a last minute type. So seeing this gives me insight. I tried the tofu dogs and tofu Italian sausages and it’s just made me very bloated. This looks delicious.

    I was just curious ! What supplements do you take daily if you do? Or do you have any tips ?

  2. How much calories do you use everyday? I see in your video you use a lot of oil and i cant manage my calories and portion for lose weight, so please help me

  3. Is there an alternative to the mushrooms pills? Another brand you like. They are unavailable on amazon. The other that I researched have rice power in them.

  4. Hello beautiful 🤍
    I just found your channel and subscribed in under 10 minutes. Thanks for being you and inspiring soo many people. You have such a beautiful calm energy to you. Something that a lot of us wish for. Kudos to you!😘💛

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