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Quarantined WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (Easy Vegan Meals)

Today’s quarantined what I eat in a day video shares some easy vegan meals that you can make from food you have in your fridge. This is a super realistic vlog …

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  1. do the strawberries taste like vinegar if you soak them? do you soak them after cutting or before? for how long and is it only vinegar or mixed with water

  2. Since your divorce, you have mentally and physically gone down, I feel sorry for you but you are doing it to yourself…hope you find a better way , this is doing nothing for you…very sad.

  3. Hey Candace, this is the first "vlog" style video that I've seen from you & I love it! I really felt like I got to know you a little more. Keep up the great work! Also, you both have great senses of humor! Quality content. Much love ❤️

  4. Add some oil (I prefer olive oil for this) to minced garlic to preserve its flavor. This infuses the garlic flavor into the oil so the flavor doesn't escape every time the jar is opened.

  5. I couldn't imagine being quaterined with my man 24/7. He'd have to be upstairs while I was downstairs or something for some of the time. I need time to do private things and indulge in alone time even if it were just staring at at wall.

  6. Thanks for sharing during what has to be "the worst time ever"! Love your recipes and tips, they have and are so help-full. I brought back cocktail hour, we have a little something to nibble on and a drink. Highly recommend!
    Stay well and safe and thank you again😊

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