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Queen Victoria's Amazing Christmas Dinner | Royal Recipes | Real Royalty

Michael Buerk and chef Paul Ainsworth recreate a dish served at one of the most lavish royal banquets of all time. Dr Polly Russell hears about how Henry VIII …

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  1. Robert Dudley was already married and when the scandal of her death emerged his chances of wedding the Queen were severely depleted. He did remarry 18 years later but the Queen was very angry at his new bride and banished her permanently from court .

  2. all this food sounds absolutely delish!!
    I do feel really bad about all the animals that hav to giv their entire lives to serving to feed us or @ the least giv their lives UP @ the end if they were wild.

    the family disruptions are especially upsetting specially the birds &the pigs & cows. I hope these were all sourced from VERY caring breeders & responsible & caring farmers that gav the animals a good life?!?

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