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Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas | Weekend of Meals | Teriyaki Beef Ramen Bowls!

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  1. That ramen bowl looked so good! I love a grilled hamburger! Glad you got to film a bit at your dad’s business. What kind of business did he have? I’ve always thought I would like to have a small restaurant/bakery/sandwich and soup place.

  2. The boy's beds look awesome!! I teared up when you were showing your dad's shop 🙁 Glad you got some footage to look back on. The meals looked really good… as always. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. The boys look so cute eating those chocolate sticks, I've been half tempted to buy those but haven't! Bunk beds look great! Love those mattresses! Everything looks good! See you next time! Take care!

  4. I don't even like Ramen and y'all's looked so delicious. Love the boys haircuts. They look so much older. So many emotions when you were at your dad's business. The burgers and chex mix looked delicious too. Hope y'all have a great afternoon. See y'all next video. Stay safe. God Bless.

  5. First I nearly swooned at the intro. DROOL! Thank you for telling us the cut of beef you used for the ramen bowls, although I think the pork is more up my alley. It's 45 degrees and windy here in southern Indiana, so the grill is still in the yard barn but not for long. Hamburgers are my husband's favorite food. I'll be making teriyaki burgers with grilled pineapple slices soon! Happy spring!

  6. Good morning! ☀️ idk why but Adam adding the onion and garlic powder was so cool to watch! How long do you cook the veggies for in the air fryer? Omg Malachi was so cute. He saw the steam from the ramen and blew on the screen! my heart! The bunk beds look awesome! Girl one day I'm gonna learn to use our grill 😂 yummy Chex mix!

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