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Quick & Dirty Pasta | Mississippi Vegan

This pantry friendly pasta recipe is so quick and easy, it’s literally done in 15 minutes. I bet you have all the ingredients, too! Here is the full recipe: …

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  1. What a beautiful pasta and relaxing video that’s quick and to the point! I’m a new subscriber and so happy to have found your channel 😊

  2. Greetings, loved the shorter intro. Although I missed your beautiful fun voice! But it was a very beautifully done video because there were no words needed… The pasta as a simple dish… The video was simply peaceful… Complemented each other! 🌷. Could you tell about your Cleaver and why you chose it… after watching you smash that garlic, I’m sold on getting one…. You are a delight! Have a beautiful day!🍿🌮✌️

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