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Quick & Easy Chili Recipe | Perfect for Meal Prep + Made With Pantry Ingredients


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  1. Hi there, I'm Dutch and I have a question concerning Soy sauce. In your other videos, are you referring to that salty Japanese stuff or the sweet/salty Malaysian stuff called Ketjap Manis?

  2. Helpful tip you could use a can of diced tomatoes that has onions celery and green peppers in them and Bush’s chili beans. Just some shortcuts I use as a busy mom of 6

  3. Just made this tonight without any meat or meat substitute, I did however double the beans. Gonna add cheese & eat with saltine crackers 😋😋😋😋

  4. 😀 Got to be good, the Stock Jug dribbled as you poured it in, just like any proper jug. I would have been inclined to have rinsed the Tomato thingy out with the Stock. Never used Tofu in anything, maybe I should start.
    I like simple Chilli things.

  5. Great! This looks super scrumptious. I don't have kidney bean & I am gonna use black chickpeas as you said. But I have dried chickpeas, do I need to boil them first?

  6. It's interesting to me that you can buy cans of broth/vegetable stock in the US 🙂 when i need broth or stock i use the cubes or there's a kind of concentrated jelly that dissolves in water and it's better than the cubes. We also have something called Vegeta or Delicat and it's a mix of salt and powdered vegetables with some larger bits if carrot and celery that goes in almost every savory dish, it's a staple like paprika powder :))

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