Vegan Recipes

Quick & Easy Vegan Lunch Recipes! 🍽

It might be the weekend but we thought we’d treat you to a bumper viddy that’s jam packed with quick and easy meals for you to make during the week! If you’re …

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  1. I tell you what I think.. You're amazing guys showing how Veganism is doable for everyone! Still though, you haven't gotten many subscribers.. How come?! I'm sharing with everyone that I know😉✨✨

  2. Pro tip, if couscous is too expensive or you can't find anything other than "Israeli" pearl couscous you can sub millet for the first recipe or quinoa.

  3. I can hear the laughter of my boyfriend when he finds the giant BLT in his lunch bag 😀 I am making this next week for him without telling him before hand 😀 I won't hear it but I know the giggle will be there and I'd do anything to hear that giggle all the time 🙂

  4. Nice to see the recipe at the end that doesn’t start with a ton of oil in a pan. That’s a first! But you mention avoiding refined carbohydrates then use orzo pasta.

  5. You don’t ever simmer couscous. I see that’s not what you dud but the word “simmer” was used. That’s cooking something at a very low gentle boil.

  6. These all look delicious and inspired me for the weekahead.

    But how many people do they serve / portions? Way to much for one and some look more like 2 or 3?

  7. Inspiring recipes, thanks! I'm going to try all of them. In Italy we use orzo noodles for soups because they are tiny. For salads, usually it's better to use bigger noodles like farfalle (butterflies), wagon wheels pasta or eliche spirals. 😉

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