Vegan Recipes

Quick & Easy YUM Vegan One Pan Meals 😋

vegan version of drunk noodles (pad kee mao) and my go-to fail safe cherry tomato spaghetti! YUMMMM. Both literally in one pan and super easy and of course …

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  1. Delicious meals, I went straight way yesterday and made the Thai Noodles, they were excellent, flavor on point. I look forward to making the veggie spaghetti. Meals are always delicious. Thank you

  2. i knew about the spoon that measures 1 portion, i was told by my friend aswell, BUT if food is good it really doesn't matter what normally 1 person eats, this is not "normal" food, its awesome food, so it really does not apply hahaha xD

  3. LOVE you and your videos!!! I got into Buddha bowls because of you! <3 Haven't seen you in a while and missed your videos, you look amazing as always!

  4. 6:54 If anyone is new to the world of veganism (currently pescatarian, but hoping to get there someday!), "nooch" is nutritional yeast lol. I had to re-listen a couple of times and then google "Engevita"

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