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Quite possibly the most seductive vegan dish

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  1. Looks like a delicious recipe, thanks! I was wondering about the vegan butter, and if it could be replaced by oil? coconut oil if it needs to be solid? or left out? does it add anything more than the miso already does, to the mushrooms? I never have vegan butter in the house, and not a fan of it… will try it, but would be happy if anyone has ideas or experiences with that!

  2. I love your recipes, tried your bolognese and it was really tasty. Unfortunately my special someone really hates garlic, guess I'm going to treat myself with this dish. 🤤

  3. Hi new subscriber here, I have to say , that looks incredible. I will definitely be tuning in to see more. I am slowly converting to veganism.

  4. Girl, I’m a fan! I’m so picky with recipes because they usually lack a lot of flavor (especially vegan recipes) but I made the wild rice soup the other day and you are the real deal!

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