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Ramzan Special 4 Amazing Snacks Recipe| आज इफ्तार में बनाये 4 तरह के नाश्ता। Iftar Recipes 2020

0:20 Ande ke pakode 2:20 Falafel 4:22 Dahi Ke Shole 6:47 Ande Besan ke pakode Ramzan Special Recipe 2019 | इस रमज़ान में बनाएं 4 तरह का …

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  1. The first recipe egg pakoda is terrible.. complete over cooking of an egg which has no benefit + it is fried… Second recipe Falafel is absolutely not made this way.. only have garlic salt white pepper and parsley.. third recipe also have the same problem that the first recipe has…. Eating fried food is is poison is specially in the month of Ramadan

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