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Rating All The New Vegan Foods I Tried in April 2020

Foods I Tried: Bohemian BBQ Hippeas, White Chocolate Macadamia Clif Granola, Elmherst Oat Latte, Akua Kelp Jerky, Elmherst Matcha Oat Latte, Elmherst …

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  1. How did I not know about the existence of vegan stroopwafels while being a Dutch vegan? 😝 BTW you should microwave your stroopwafels for about 30 secs if you wanna take them to the next level! 😍😍

  2. I love vegan white cheddar Hippeas! If I want to enjoy a cheese flavor now that I stopped eating animal products, this is my go to snack. I haven't tried the BBQ. Thanks for the warning. I won't bother.

  3. Jah-jee-kee – the “tz” sounds more J, less TS sound. Say it with a Greek accent for extra points. It’s a tongue twister lol

  4. When people send you things like Falafel, do you think they know your background as it would tell me they are either overconfident in their product or didnt do complete researxh since you mention being Arab on your videos!! 😉

  5. I get your point about coffee products being kinda pointless without caffeine but I think golden milk lattes are a different thing entirely. I made one today cause I was cold but certainly didnt need more caffeine and I like the anti inflammatory properties.

  6. I just picked up pre-made falafel from Costco (the brand is Hannah), and now I'm a little worried they might be yucky. But on the plus side, I did not grow up eating homemade falafel so maybe my untrained palate won't know the difference. LOL. 🤞🏻

  7. But you ate the stroopwaffle cold, wouldn't that make the texture weird? I've never just eaten them straight from the package, I always set them on a hot cup of tea/coffee. Also, "sustainably sourced" palm oil is just a marketing gimmick. It harms the environment and is bad for animals. Nobody is perfect and I'm not saying that as a criticism, just to inform you a little bit so you can make your own decision. Unnatural Vegan has a good video explaining it a bit, if you want to check it out:

    Just to clarify again, I think you are awesome and you do your part very well to minimize animal suffering in the world, i just wanted to give you that info from one plant based person doing their best to another. You rock and I enjoyed this video a lot. I was bummed that those premade falafel weren't good, it seems so simple, how did they mess it up? LOL I'll just have to stop being lazy and make my own falafel.

  8. Excellent video review of what vegan bodegacat ate in April. I like the chickpea snacks they are available in the UK from selected branches of Tesco, Asda and health stores.

  9. 💚I cracked up when you were trying to say tzatziki. Honestly, I can't say that word on ANY day! I think I'm trying to pronounce too many letters. 😂

  10. My memory is wack, but are you a matcha fan usually? I typically really like matcha and I’m curious if that drink might be delicious to someone who really likes the matcha flavor.

  11. thanks for the reviews. always appreciate your efforts. you do the work so we don't have to. what happened to the boyfriend? did i miss something? did i ask the wrong question? stay safe.

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