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REALISTIC WHAT I EAT IN A DAY + VLOG healthy eating made easy!

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY TO STAY FIT AND HEALTHY! These are some of my favourite foods (which are very realistic) I like to eat to stay fit and healthy!

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  1. charlotte seems to be the only person who makes a realistic healthy what i eat in a day and actually eats a realistic amount which will fill up me who can eat a lot

  2. Woolies – Purely because my local Coles is HUGE and i can't be bothered walking past 20 aisles to get to the one thing that i need. But if i see an amazing 'Special' from Coles THEN i will make to effort to go to Coles. 😀

  3. Hydrogenated seed oils like canola oil are one of the worst things you can put in your body, just so you know. ghee, avocado oil, macadamia oil, butter, coconut oil or olive oil are the best!! (:

  4. Hi, a thing to try. Put butter in the coffee it will slow absorption of caffeine . Another just for taste is Tabasco on vanilla ice cream. Due to the chemistry of dairy with Tabasco it won't burn like Tabasco and water. Try an electric skateboard, might seem an unhealthy lazy thing but no it will give your middle a work out as you control it. Me, I tend to eat what I want, when I want and as much even junk and I float around 67 to 70 kilo my height is 5 ' 11. My exercise is restricted surfing and skating, board and roller. Living in Australia helps, get out more.

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