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Ree's Drummond Makes a Beef Noodle Skillet | Food Network

This comforting beef noodle skillet is ALWAYS a hit in the Drummond house! Have you downloaded the new Food Network Kitchen app yet? With up to 25 …

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  1. How is this budget friendly when you have to buy all those ingredients when you can just buy a box of hamburger helper for 2.50 and hamburger meat for 5.00 bucks?

  2. I liked this better with more tomato paste and sour cream and adding some oregano and thyme. Also, a lot of dishes seem to improve if they are refrigerated and heated up the next day. But that is just my taste.

  3. Hi that looked really good 👍 I have a question I was curious if you knew how to make chow mein American I guess American style is without long noodlesI guess original you have to have a noodles I don't I don't I like it with the salary the chicken the thickness of the broth you know everything else check chestnuts or whatever you call him you know all that so I was just curious if you knew how to make it so I could get a recipe!?

  4. You should try my spaghilli recipe. That's when you have some ground beef and the only things in your cabinet are chili mix and spaghetti noodles. It's awful to taste but fun to eat.

  5. I made this tonight and OMG is it GOOD! You dont taste the mustard at all. I just used all beef broth and didnt put sour cream in since I didnt have any. I will not buy Hamburger Helper anymore!!

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