Restaurant Style Tomato soup | टमाटर का सूप | Easy Tomato Soup | Chef Ranveer Brar

TOMATO SOUP – Eating right and healthy is absolutely crucial now. What better than a soup for those in-between hunger pangs! Try my step by step recipe for …

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  1. Ranbeer sir…u r so innocent n real n sweet person ❤️❤️❤️ …the way n style of your talking so amazing…
    I really very enjoyed while watching your videos 🥰🥰
    From Gujrat ……Farhat ❤️

  2. मुझे बहोत इर्षा होती जब खुद बनाते और चावसे खाते हो
    रेसिपी के लिये शुक्रिया!

  3. I know it's not your mistake but you did it. First of all the person who cook food in Army mess are not "mess wale bhaiya" he is the soldier of Indian Army, he also have the Army uniform with the rank too. So, stop calling them "bhaiya".

    The guys who don't have Army background, for them I want to tell you that. This particular word "bhaiya" is used by officers families, like a 10 year old boy will call a 40 year old men "bhaiya". For them all the non-officers are bhaiya, doesn't matter about their age, rank and other factors

    When he joined the army he joined it with the thought that he is a soldier, please stop calling them bhaiya.

  4. We tried this recipe and wowwwww my fam loved it sooooo much😇… Awesome taste and looks just like u did… Keep rockin😍..
    Thank you CHEF😊😌

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