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RIBEYE STEAK & SUNNY SIDE up eggs is maybe the perfect combination of EASY and DELICIOUS on the Blackstone Griddle. This is one Blackstone Griddle …

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  1. For me in college, it was stuffed chicken breast.

    I'd splurge on bacon here and there. I'd butterfly the chicken, stuff it with either Swiss or pepper jack, and wrap on bacon.

    I got better at learning to bake the chicken and crisp the bacon at the end with higher heat.

    That was my first real foray into learning to cook for myself. Now I can butterfly easily, and I am much more creative with what I mix in and make overall!

  2. Love the steak & eggs! Favorite budget meal back in the day was Kraft Mac n cheese with a slab of cream cheese, browned ground burger & hot sauce mix it up and yum!

  3. Looks good! Can you tell a difference in the way the steak taste on the flat top verses grilling it? Would think grilling it would add more flavor.

    Something I like for breakfast is to make homemade French fries. I cut them and leave the skin on them. After the fries are done season them with salt. Then I will fry some eggs. I like sunny side up. Put fries on plate and top with eggs. Cut into eggs and let the yolks coat the fried.

    When I think of a budget meal, make me think of my mom when she made Salmon Croquets. My mom would make those and have some vegetables with that. Hussey did that a while back on his Blackstone.

  4. Used to visit gas stations late when all the hot dogs were gone… Would convince the clerks to give us the left over chili with the hard buns sitting out for a quarter!

    Glad now I can afford steak and your GQue BBQ Rub!

  5. I ate tons of eggs (scrambled or over hard) and ketchup in college. $1 for a dozen eggs. Too easy. If I had extra funds I got tortillas and 'borrowed' salsa from fast food places for breakfast burritos.
    GQue was rich with hamburger!!!

  6. That looked fantastic. I used to think the fastest way to screw up a steak was to cook it on a flat top, but ever since I got my Blackstone I love steaks cooked that way. Great job my friend. 👍👍

  7. Hey Jason the title got my full attention 🙂 Nice marbling on those steaks 🙂 When I was real young starting out on my own I would eat elbow macaroni with tomato sauce and salt and pepper, I survived 🙂 Great looking meal, a "BIG" thumbs up 🙂 ROCK ON!!!!!!!

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