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Ribs (What's the Difference?) Pork Ribs vs Beef Ribs Cut and Cook | The Bearded Butcher

Check out our store! In today’s video, we’re talking ribs! Not just beef ribs, but pork ribs too.

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  1. Love the channel, I smoke just for fun but try brisket with mustard and horseradish sauce, with the rub just crumble a couple of beef stock cubes with some demerara sugar, works wonders.

  2. I love bbq competition 🤙🏻 for pork ribs in stick burners 250 1.5 hrs open drop to 225 for 1.5 hrs wrapped then open at 250 for one more hour mopping every 20 minutes with a good sauce or vinegar honey pepper glaze. Beef brontosaurus ribs 4 hours open at 250, then wrapped for 3 then open for 1.5 hrs to build a nice crust.

  3. OMG! my mouth is watering! You guys are incredible. You're explanation is very simple and easy to understand. While I spent decades in the grocery business, none of it was in the meat department, but I always loved watching the butchers cut meat….back in the day when sawdust was on the floors…that's when we had actual butchers. Great job.

  4. What do you do with the pigs ears? I had some awesome ones down in Jackson, MS. Place was called Big Apple Inn known for their pigs ear sandwiches and what they call smokes(sandwich), hot tamales and 2 more sandwiches. Place has been there since the 30's and has some great history from the neighborhood. Sonny Boy Williamson used to live right upstairs from the restaurant and later on Medgar Evers office was also upstairs with the Crystal Palace being a few doors down on Farish St. If you're ever in that area you need to stop in
    A deli I used to go to in NJ had(when not sold out) smoked short ribs. Oh boy what a mess I'd be while driving home. I used to lots of work in the area but then would drive the 40 min just for their meats. They are still there but have grown from the little butcher. You could smell the smoke when you got anywhere near the place and their Christmas hams were the balls. They are now a bigger shop and offer way more but the problem is they lost touch with some of their specialty stuff they used to make in house. Those things got them to where they are, thing is many folks don't know any better. Still worth a visit but not to go out of the way. Never loose you roots

  5. The St Louis I get are just like your full rack with the cartilage. Maybe a lazy butcher? I love them as that top section is off the hook
    The best bbq I've had with sauce came from down south in Carolinas. The place was a hole in the wall with a hand painted sign and a shack that would never pass any building codes up north. The guy, well basically his family gave us samples of everything. All pork, whole hog, pork belly, shoulder you name it he had anyone one covered. They were out all night tending to the hogs. His smokers were worth more than the building. I'm pretty sure they had angled boards propped in the ground keeping it from falling over. Black, white, even two chinese guys, it didn't matter we were like a big family. It's amazing how great bbq can bring people who never met together. A quick stop for some food for the road ending up lasting 3 hours. I even split some wood
    I love pork but beef ribs and brisket are my fave

  6. I hate mustard on my bbq. With pork if I need rub to stick I'll lightly rub with honey. Makes them so sweet and gives a nice bark
    Many times I use no rub or sauce but will spritz pork with apple juice while smoking. I mostly like texas style with nothing but salt and pepper. Smoke is my flavor and juiciness is my sauce

  7. This video was one of the most educational things I’ve ever seen. For me the best rib in the world is the pork country style. I am using the bearded butcher seasonings on them nowadays (I bought all of the seasonings to try).👍🏻✌🏻

  8. Seth if I may say one thing, the cooking you did on the ribs was absolutely perfect, perfect in prep, informative of cutting as well as using mustard to creat a bonding agent, to how to do the 3-2-1 cooking method. You have absolutely no reason to apologize or feel bad as far as the difference in cooking on the ribs. Just a fantastic job guys!!!

  9. OHHH WOW!!! We smoked some ribs for New Years, my cousin had ordered the Hollywood Seasoning. You weren’t kidding that was amazing on the ribs!!! We smoked full slabs, we used apple spider to spritz with but OMG PERFECT!!!! We used cherry, and hickory wood chunks, I think we found our 4th of July meat choice. If anyone out there that hasn’t tried this seasoning it’s a must try!!! Ohh we did not use a wet bbq, we just used the seasoning this time. We are checking into the bbq sauce you have for future grilling, so yes the seasoning alone with spritzing for moisture was fantastic!!

  10. Excellent presentation on both types of ribs. I see local grocery stores here trying to claim country style pork ribs, but really look like pork butt blade steaks. I see why they are doing this, those country pork ribs both bone-in and boneless seem like a much better cut, then blade steaks from the butt.

  11. Cleanup guy here again. I’m ready to serve in exchange for some tasty ribs. All those look outstanding. I could go out and get some chuck ribs right now.

    Picked up a skirt steak last week. Lots of flavor in those. Probably should eat them more often.

    It’s difficult to cook all those at once in the same cooker. Nice work. I like higher temps initially then backing off. Apple juice mixed with vinegar or a beer sprayed on (I won’t tell you which beer). 😉

    I’m going to have to order some of your seasoning blends.

  12. I love watching you guys: So much information and entertaining. What did butchers do historically before they had a band saw? Was it more like a hack saw?

  13. I’ve watched hundreds of your videos vinegar no doesn’t work you don’t need it throw it away it’s for something stupid but not cooking you guys are one of the best people butchering and barbecuing I’ve ever seen vinegar no do away with it sucks it’s horrible it ruins the meat

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