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Roast Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Rice | Quick & Easy Dinner Recipe

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  1. I'm making this tomorrow. (My chicken is still frozen. 😕) it looks delicious and breaks up the monotony of fried or sage chicken dishes we've been having. Thank you, as always!

  2. I made this recipe at 5:20am this morning for my husbands lunch. It was ready by 6:00am when he had to leave. The chicken had a beautiful crispy herbed skin and was sooooo juicy. It went really well with the rice which turned out perfect. Thumbs up 👍 to you Sara for a lovely,
    quick and easy recipe. Thanks for sharing 🤗

  3. I usually have oven roasted chicken at my dorm but since im back hom for the quarantine period i’ll try making the risotto too! it’s a bit harder to find fresh mushrooms right now though… maybe i’ll try it with canned mushrooms first since it’s all we have in our house rn 😅

  4. You look dropdead gorgeous in every video I wish I could be that much beautiful like you !!bless you and your family I really adore you 💕😍😍

  5. I just made this and no exagération but it’s truly the best chicken thighs that I’ve ever made!! I noticed that you didn’t put any oil and I was doubting whether to add it or not but I just followed the recipe w/o it and oh my! It’s the answer to the crispy chicken yet juicy meat mystery. The seasoning is just right too! I broiled mine for about 3 minutes on top of the cooking time but I also tasted it before broiling it and it was super delish already! I just prefer a super crispy skin, hence I did that. The risotto is such an easy perfect combo w this chicken too! I swapped 1 cup of the broth w organic rice milk and add a splash of red wine vinegar instead of the wine just bc I’m pregnant. I also use basmati rice just bc that’s the only thing that I had in my pantry. But honestly, this is gonna be a new staple in my home! Printing the recipe and adding it to my file of lunch/dinner recipes. Huge big fat gratitude to you for still creating beautiful easy (very flexible) recipe! ♥️ much love from Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩

  6. Okay so I've never cooked rice on the stove and am not sure if I'm confident enough to do so. Also I'm Asian so I use a rice cooker haha. Would this also work if I cooked everything on the stove then transfer it into the rice cooker when I add the broth in? Thank you in advance! xx

  7. About the wine, I think it is important to mention: the wine you drink, is the wine you use. Please don't get "wine for cooking" kind that comes in a brick.

  8. Wow, I actually made this exact meal last week. Including the mushroom risotto. The only thing I add is a little oil over the chicken to help crisp the skin while in the convection oven. This a wonderful and super easy dinner.

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