Romaine recalls: Why our salads can make us sick (Marketplace)

Canada has been hit by a number of romaine lettuce recalls. We set out to the U.S., where the majority of our leafy greens come from, to dig up why E. coli …

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  1. This is the poster child for razor on vegetables my God this for baby this should never be allowed to happen not ever I grew up during the summer helping my grandparents form and I can tell you that this should never happen and we didn't use pesticides back then no one in my family did it was money you didn't need to spend because if you took care of so will this all take care of you God bless I'll be praying for your family and your little boy from my family to yours

  2. The takeaway on this is (1) do not buy prewashed lettuce. Almost every time I have seen prewashed, that is well within the "last use by" date, emptied out of a bag, there are a number of leaves in the mix that look like they are decomposing, Prewashed lettuce is washed by an automated process that can't possibly note things that a cook would notice while washing. When you wash leaf lettuce or semi-heading lettuce, taken from a whole head, do not simply run the leaves under running water. Put the leaves in a large bowl of water and then them sit there for a few minutes to allow time for any dried-on soil to loosen. You might also consider putting a drop of chlorine bleach into the water, same way as if you were going to use chlorine to make drinking water safe. After letting the leaves sit in the chlorinated water for 5 to 10 minutes THEN you can rinse off that leaf under running water from the tap. Or put in a second bowl of unchlorinated water for another minute, before rinsing under the tap.

  3. The problem is that all things on earth are connected. And being separated by a few roadlines doesn't really make it distant from each other. Soil, water, wind will always be connected in such short distances.

  4. Is it possible that someone is deliberately contaminating the food supply? Someone working in the packaging plant's could not be washing their hands and or not removing gloves before the bathroom trip. This has been the cause of outbreaks in restaurants on numerous occasions.

  5. Are people not washing there produce any more????
    I grow my own veggies and grow my own strawberries and apple trees. I know where my food comes from and will be raising rabbits for meat.

  6. This is why it is important to know who is growing and processing your food. You can start by getting your lettuces from farmer's market or by growing them yourself. You can grow outside from mid to late spring into late fall. You can grow in the ground or in containers. During the winter and early spring, you can grow inside under grow lights. It takes some initial investment up front but what is your health worth. If you grow it yourself, you can eat a larger variety of lettuces and other greens. Think outside of the box…baby swiss chard, kale, beet greens, etc all are easy to grow and are delicious to mix in with your lettuces. Go online and scan YouTube to find ideas, tips and tricks. The information is out there if you want it. This is a way to take charge of what you put into your own body. A little self reliance goes a long way.

  7. Who wash lettuce like that?😮🙄😳🥺We as Jamaicans do not was lettuce like this journalist washed that Romaine lettuce. 🤭🤣🤣🤣
    I get a large plastic bowl pour salt in then fill the bowl with water let stand for about 20mins. One might do this twice then rinse under running water. This depends on the type vegetable.
    Jamaicans wash all vegetables even the ones that states that it’s already washed; we were taught to re-wash them again by our grandparents. Who always thought they were not properly washed and worker might go to the toilet and not washed their hand.🤭. Trust no food; especially, the one you did not prepare yourself.

  8. Farmers are doing exactly what we want them to do; make it cheap! If we really cared we’d have small gardens at home and we’d prepare our own food everyday. Nearly everyone I know serves vegg without washing it. It has become so common that I refuse to eat unless I prepare it myself. And this is only one example. Let’s see the sloppy mess chickens are slaughtered in and beef and turkey. Let’s see the salty chemicals they’re soaked in to make them weigh more. Then show us the cheap oils and preservatives frozen food packagers and restaurants use and cookware that reacts with our food. It is not safe to eat in the USA unless you are very careful and pay double.

    And who is responsible? We are. We want cheap more than we want safe.

  9. Poor Kid

    My heart is broken just watching this. Nobody, no parent, no child deserves to suffer like that. Food is supposed to he healthy for us. How can we trust what we eat now?

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