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Here are 3 easy ways to make a salad a meal! These recipes will make any salad more filling, satiating, and and they have a good amount of protein, healthy …

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  1. I so agree! Put more thought into making salads. If you would spend $13 dollars for a salad when you are out, why would you not try something close to that at your home. (things I like in salads: bell peppers, orange or red, chick peas, pumpkin or sunflower seeds) I love Sweet Greens but I don't go too often as they are expensive.

  2. i’m sorry but you talk way too much, i’d like to see the recipe and the video to be a bit shorter and cut off the useless stuff + pls film closer so we can see from a better angle

  3. Love these salad!! Would of love a close up view and less talking but i understand about letting us know the benefits of the foods..which is a win also! So thank you🤗

  4. thank you for the recipes,but you did not name the liquid in the dark brwon bottle in the first salad recipe it looks like olive oil is that what it is ? I always enjoy your channel you bring so much useful content ! ( Judy )

  5. Hi! Thanks for these interesting ideas on salad. Since It's difficult to keep a tab of these many ingredients, do you mind sharing the details in the description or maybe a quick ingredient list in the video itself? Thanks.

  6. I love your videos! Thanks for giving us salad options, But 7:29 Fats are the slowest source of energy but the most energy-efficient form of food. No the quickest source of energy like you said.

  7. In Austria we always put pumpkin seed oil over everything especially salads u should try it too:

    To your organic salad with mixed veggies of choice(tomato, cucumber etc.)
    mix ASV with some olive oil or linseed oil and pumpkin seed oil with little bit of Himalayan salt and black pepper and pour it over the salad
    Ad some seeds like sunflower, chia or sesame seeds too

    It tastes amazing I promise!

  8. Question about ACV, I’ve read and heard it’s too acidic to eat or drink (in shots alone or mixed in with water) is it really that bad for our teeth or body? I really love using it, but I try to limit my usage, just in case. Really great idea with different cuts of veggies, I do the same. For my salads sometimes I love to use salt-free seasonings (like Mrs. Dash) to give a little flavor either in my dressing or on the salad itself. I also love to put oregano or rosemary too!

  9. This might be a silly question, but do you shake that vinegar before you poor it? I can see that's the type with the mother in the bottom and I'm just wondering if your supposed to eat that?

  10. Thanks for the tip about soaking the walnuts! Sounds like they will be easier on my stomach this way! I put pumpkin seeds in my salads & oatmeal. Also, loved the tip about dill- love dill in my chicken soup!

  11. you have literally been my inspiration this year because your videos have pushed me to become the best version of myself ! thank you for your amazing videos <3

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