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Samsung Over The Range Microwave 2.1CU.Ft Sensor Cooking Review NEW 2021 Functions Features Specs🤩

NEW TO SAMSUNG’S LINEUP MEET THE Samsung 2.1 cubic-foot over-the-range Microwave Model # ME21M706BAS Please join me as we unbox and go …

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  1. Hi
    I just get one for my new kitchen but dôme friends tôle me Thatcher the efficacity of the hotte is not very high And espacialy wehnelt you cook on the front of the range
    Si please to Givesco a review about the hotte it will be appreciated. Thank you

  2. Hi,
    On the inside (right hand corner) there's a plate which appears to be made of cardboard with a Phillips screw in it.
    Is that to be left alone?
    Thank you,

  3. Have you heard of this SE issue? I just bought the one a tier below (this one isn’t in stock until June). I then heard there was an issue that when you boil water, the steam fries the circuit and your microwave is dead. I hope that was fixed. I installed mine Sunday. Used it twice. Used it again Tuesday and it wouldn’t heat anything. Luckily I had the holes drilled and the bracket up so I swapped it out in ten minutes. Has this one given you problems since the review? I now have concerns and I feel like I have to stick with Samsung. I can’t afford more holes in the drywall and cabinet!!!

  4. The problem for me isn't how well an appliance works but how well the manufacturer backs their product when it doesn't.
    I been given to understand that the general consensus is that Samsung Customer Service is abysmal at best.
    Thanks for the video and I wish you all the luck in the world with your new microwave.
    I think with Samsung, it's kinda the luck of draw. If you get a good one then you're lucky and it will probably be great for many years 😊 but if you get a lemon, then you will have to put on your battle gear when you go to Samsung for help🤦‍♀️.

  5. What is the rack for and what settings do you use for it? Do you take it out when you heat things like a regular microwave since it’s metal. What is the vent for

  6. Thanks for the awesome video! I was looking into getting this microwave and wanted to know how well does the fan recirculate air? I live in a condo and my vent has no exhaust to outdoors so it does nothing to help with smell while I cook. Thanks!

  7. I just bought this and about to install without venting outside, just recirculating. I don’t see any mention whether or not I need to cover two fans on top. Would you happen to know if I need to do anything, or just leave as is and install?
    Thanks !

  8. So I just recently bought the whole kitchen suite 😁 but for the life of me a can not figure out how to set the clock on the microwave 🤦‍♀️ any tips because I can't find anything on how to do it.

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