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Sandra Lee Makes A Healthy Breakfast Smoothie And Easy Banana Bread | TODAY

Sandra Lee is bananas about bananas because they freeze well and can be used in countless recipes. She demonstrates how to properly freeze bananas, then …

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  1. “Aunt Sandra” doesn’t care what you think about her face. It’s hers after all. She is just trying to show you some recipes. You can go elsewhere if you don’t like it. You look amazing Sandra!

  2. Bravo. I love youre cooking. Its simple and delicious. The smoothie was awsome.
    So welcome back to the cooking shows. 👍👍😀 who else is happy that shes back?? Lol. 💕

  3. I'm currently up at two in the morning. I clicked on this video because I need something wholesome and pure in my life right now. I am now crying and have convinced myself that I am starving because I can't get up to eat anything because i'm dead if my parents find out that i'm awake. If my mom were to come into my room right now, I would tell her in all honesty that I am watching Sandra Lee Make A Healthy Breakfast Smoothie And Easy Banana Bread | TODAY while crying. Someone help me.

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