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Sandy Daza's post-Christmas recipes on Casa Daza

Sandy Daza shares his easy to cook post-Christmas recipes of Hot Shrimp Salad, Chinese Steamed Fish, and Chinese Chorizo Rice on Casa Daza. Subscribe …

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  1. As a young boy in the 80s and 90s, Nora Daza and her kids were my gateway to cooking. They explain cooking in non-intimidating ways. Watching Sandy and his sisters join-in the cooking is a treat! I didn’t miss an episode! Even when the siblings bicker on set! Love you guys!

  2. Thank you so much I really love your dishes I had a Nora Daza cookbook before but too disappointed somebody got it and never found and it's so nice I can follow now here. I can have delicious dishes again.

  3. I've been a Daza fan way back when Nora Daza recipe and now the siblings na…i love their recipes. I'm happy that we have already this technology (you tube) that we can see how the recipes has been done..More power and more recipes to demo.!

  4. Just like the Honey Walnut Shrimp. I also love Chinese steam fish. My friend actually taught me how to cook it. I usually use red snapper or sea bass. There's hardly any lapu lapu.

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